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Thanks for showing an interest in our project. Youlton Lodge Farm aims to captivate and engage school children, teachers and parents about the productive capabilities of the countryside. Animated in a language and form that is educational, entertaining and easily understood the farm introduces children to the realities of the rural environment, its resources, and how farmers harness those resources to produce food, energy and flowers, whilst at the same time encouraging natural diversity.

Who are we

Nestled on the outskirts of Tollerton, near York in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside Youlton Lodge Farm is the idea of the Newland family, Mike and Caroline Newland have farmed at Youlton Lodge for 30 years, a traditional Vale of York farm they grow cereals, oil seed rape and energy crops. The farm also has sheep which are reared on the historic grassland.

What are we

First and foremost we are a commercial farm which produces crops including cut Flowers and has to make a profit to be sustainable. We believe that feeding the worlds ever increasing population is all about efficient use of resources and energy. Organic food production has a role to play, but so does modern technology. It’s about harnessing as much of the suns energy as possible to produce food and fuel for the future. It’s about ensuring diversity of the gene pool, and It’s about sustainability. These are the messages that Youlton Lodge Farm delivers in an animated form that young and old can relate to.

What we are NOT

We are NOT a petting farm, neither are we a home for bouncy castles. We want to make the experience of visiting us fun but educational, we do have livestock but they are always segregated from the Children, whilst animals can be cute and cuddly, on a farm they are kept to produce food. Our role is to differentiate animals kept as pets from animals kept for production.

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