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We have the flowers you need, for Weddings, Events, Florists, Sympathy Flowers, or just to decorate your home

  • Growing

Our Blooms are grown on the fertile Vale to the North of York . Our sandy soils are dry and warm giving them an early start to the season. To protect our delicate blooms a cold greenhouse offers protection from the vagaries of the English climate.

  • Preparing

We park the freshly cut flowers in our Flower Garage, a cool and dark environment ideal for the preparation and short term storage of our blooms keeping them in tip top condition prior to delivery or collection.

  • Delivering

To your door in the York and surrounding area or by carrier to places further afield. You can also collect in person from our farm.

  • Enjoying

To get the best from your Flower Acre blooms follow our after care instructions it will extend their life and allow you to enjoy them for longer. If you use our DIY flower buckets you may wish to get some tips about arranging your flowers, a good starting point is at the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies